La Vie En Rose – The Prevalence of Shocking Pink in Modern Fashion & Beauty

Considered the greatest rival of Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli commanded the world of fashion with her use of eccentric designs and vibrant colours. One of these colours in particular has maintained enduring adoration for years – shocking pink.

If you’re unfamiliar, think Marilyn Monroe’s silk gown in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. 

Although shocking pink has always been a mainstay for those of us who are Mattel enthusiasts, the hue has exploded in popularity in high-end fashion these past several years. You’ve likely seen this colour showcased by celebrities artfully clad in Barbie-esque garments…

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Uzo Aduba

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Billy Porter

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Anya Taylor-Joy

…Or perhaps it’s caught your eye in recent collections from esteemed fashion houses.

Valentino Ready-To-Wear FW 22/23

Celebrities like Georgia May Jagger and Camila Cabello have been known to show their affinity for this particular punchy shade, with dyed locks and graphic eyes, respectively. 

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If you’re eager to dawn shocking pink for yourself, here are some of my favourite lip products that showcase the colour.

Swatches of two bright pink lipsticks: Backstage Bambi from KVD Beauty, and Candy Yum Yum from MAC Cosmetics.

Here are swatches of two matte lipsticks in this vivid colour – Backstage Bambi Everlasting Liquid Lipstick from KVD Beauty, and Candy Yum Yum Matte Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics. Backstage Bambi offers an extremely flat matte finish, whereas Candy Yum Yum offers a somewhat satin sheen given its traditional bullet lipstick form.

This lipstick is Stacy from Trixie Cosmetics (headed by famed drag queen Trixie Mattel). The packaging would make Polly Pocket herself swoon.
And here is Stacy on the lips – a neon dream straight out of the 80s.

Last but certainly not least, the lipstick named after Elsa Schiaparelli herself – Schiap (pronounced ”skap”) by NARS.

Schiap is warmer and darker compared to the others, but is still an absolutely blazing hue.

Any iteration of this ageless colour is bound to evoke joy from all who wear (or see) it.


6 thoughts on “La Vie En Rose – The Prevalence of Shocking Pink in Modern Fashion & Beauty”

  1. I have always loved pink! And this amazing hue is no exception! It was the colour of Superstar Barbie’s dress in the 80’s **swoon**. That Stacy lipstick 💄 is to die for! And the Nars shade. Bee-u-t-ful!

    P. S. You could always rock the vibrant colours. I, on the other hand, would look like Mimi Bobeck. I’ll stick with my nude shades.

  2. Your writing, and perspective, is incredible. So looking forward to your next blog post and your continued insight. I love love love this.
    And this is and AMAZING highlight ~ Shocking Pink?! Phenomenal!

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